How to Install the SimplR Theme

This tutorial requires that you already have WordPress installed on your website. If you haven't done so, please download it, then follow the official install instructions.

Step 1.

After you download the theme, extract the contents of the zip archive: right click on the file and select Extract Here.

Step 2.

Log in to your WordPress dashboard, by going to: (replace with your actual site name)


From your wordpress dashboard, go to:
Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme

Step 4.

Click on Choose File, then select from the folder where you extraced the contents. (Yes, the main zip file cotains 2 zip files: and

Step 5.

Click Install Now, then wait for it to install.

Step 6.

Now, let's install the child theme: click on Return to Themes page (do NOT activate the theme yet), then click on Add New > Upload Theme > Choose File and select

Step 7.

Click Install Now, then wait for it to install.

Step 8.

Click Activate.

Step 9.

Now let's start customizing the theme: go to Appearance > SimplR Theme from the admin left panel. If you can't see the link, refresh the page (press F5) and make sure you have activated the theme.

Step 10.

Follow the instructions for customizing the theme.